Antique Ford Gum Gumball Peanut Vending Machine WALL Mounting BRACKET Stand

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Antique Ford Gum Gumball Peanut Vending Machine WALL Mounting BRACKET Stand


This is cool and uncommon antique piece for you to display your prized Ford machine. When mounted, it gives your machine and room that clean "free floating" look. These probably pre-dated the use of the floor stands (80+ years old) and are an excellent choice to show off your machine without taking up floor space with a stand. We couldn't find any good information online concerning these or how to use them, so we did some experimenting and took pictures to show how we did it. This listing is ONLY for the bracket. Our machine and anything else you see is not included but we offer everything Ford Gum related in our store. Do not purchase this for $10 and then write to us and ask why the $250 machine didn't come with it (It happens way too often!)

We screwed a small block of wood to the wall to give clearance for the globe and to work behind the machine. We then screwed the bracket to the block of wood. The block of wood is hidden behind the machine but if we were to install this in a nice setting, we would paint it. The bottom rim of the wall bracket is shaped to perfectly hold the bottom rim of the Ford machine. You then push the machine back and get the slot in the bracket to line up with the slot on the back of the Ford ring. Lastly, you install your Ford tab style lock or Ford padlock style plug up/down through those holes and lock it like you normally would. They are made to fit very tight, so they don't wiggle around and break the glass globe. We pushed up on the bracket to bend it approximately 1/4" to give us a little more room to work and so it wasn't quite as tight.

These brackets are made of steel and have rusted from being in storage for the past 50+ years. We sanded down a couple areas so you can see what it looks like underneath. It would only take a few minutes to clean these up and paint them to the color of your choice.

We also offer Ford Stands in our store and those are a little faster and easier to service with a machine on them but we all now use our machines as functional display pieces and only open to refill them a couple of times per year so if you like the look, this is a great option to consider.