Ford Machines - 100's in stock Contact us for details

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Ford Machines - 100's in stock Contact us for details

At all times, we stock 100's of original Ford machines and parts.  Email us or call for details.  Pricing starts at $100 for a nice basic Ford machine.  The price goes up from there and you can choose various upgraded options.

For $100 we will pull a machine at random unless you contact us.  Machine will be tested and work perfectly.  It will include a lock that can be locked and unlocked with a small screwdriver or pocketknife.  The globe will either be a glass globe (with or without decal) or a new plastic globe.  Some of the machines that we pull at random also have the black chute that can be seen in one of the pictures which allows vending larger products


List of a few add-ons you can choose from: (Call/email us for pricing for the add-ons and we will put together the perfect machine of your choice)

-Glass Globe

-Globe with specific decals

-Advertisement Frame

-F50 Key

-Chute Cover

-We have 100's of these so if there are other options that appeal to you, just let us know


If you want an authentic vintage Ford Stand to pair with your machine for a perfect presentation, add that to your cart, too.  We have several options to choose from.