Northwestern Mega 60 Fat Head Bubble Gumball Toy Capsule Candy Vending Machine

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Northwestern Mega 60 Fat Head Bubble Gumball Toy Capsule Candy Vending Machine


This is a Northwestern Mega 60 Fat Head Bubble Globe Machine. The large bubble globes are the most eye catching model and look great in any room, man cave, garage, etc. Due to the attractive style and limited run, these are popular machines and are more difficult to find than the normal 60 style models. We have a few of these available and they have gumball wheels installed so you can vend gumballs, jawbreakers, or 27mm superballs. If you want to vend candy we can install that wheel for free or install a toy wheel for an additional $10. The coin mechs are 25 cents and if you want to vend for 50cents we can swap out mechs for an additional $30. Just message us for any upgrades you want. We also offer these in red but don't have them listed, yet.

Base 6 1/2 in x 6 1/2 inch
Globe 12 in x 12 in
Height 19in (top to bottom)

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