Themed Pokemon Card Vending Machine 4 column Trading Card Center

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Themed Pokemon Card Vending Machine 4 column Trading Card Center


It's time for you to profit off of the Pokemon craze.  Have fun doing something you love and are knowledgeable with and make a lot of money with this Pokemon card Trading Cetner!  Pokemon cards are the #1 seller in the vending industry right now but not many people are doing it so you can fill the need in your community.  Partner with local businesses and give them a small percentage of the income or negotiate the fact that these machines will bring people into their business because the cards are in such a high demand.  


These machines are eye grabbers and themed for Pokemon.  Each machine has 4 columns so you can offer 4 different series, collections, or types of cards and adjust the price point.  Most of these machines are set at 50 cents and some of a 25 cent column for energy cards.  You can adjust the price up to $1.00 per card.  We also have new coin mechanisms in our store for even higher price points for your best mixes. The coin mechs are the exact same type as used in laundries and pool tables. Check out you tube for videos on how to adjust the pricing.  It is easy to do and only takes a few minutes.


These machines can be bolted to a countertop or mounted to a vending rack so you can put a few small machines along with it and offer other items, too.  We also stock the large "X" style sticker stands and discount them for customers that purchase a machine.  You can mount them to those by drilling holes in the bottom of the machine to line up with the holes in the mounting flange.  These machines are the highest quality and built like tanks.  They are constructed out of steel and each machine comes with a new lock and key.  The card displays in the columns are for mixes from our private vending route and are not included but if you need some, just let us know:-)  


We have a limited supply of these remaining however we have other machines that aren't themed and cost less.  The color, attractiveness, and themed decals of this style Pokemon machine are worth the extra money and generate excitement so grab 'em while you can!  Cards vend through the machines the same way stickers and tattoos do via the cardboard folders.  We offer these in our store in quantities ranging from 50-3000 per box.  We also have a few Pokemon capsule machines left in stock and included a couple pictures for you to see.